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Bee Control Sydney

Do you have scary bee hives on your Sydney property? Bees are important for pollinating plants and flowers, but sometimes hives around homes or businesses need to be removed. Our professional bee control team in Sydney understands this. We carefully relocate hives to keep people safe while protecting the bees.

Our friendly technicians have over 10 years experience removing bee nests in Sydney. We wear protective suits and use special tools to move them safely to new locations where they can make honey.

Relocating bees is better for our environment instead of killing them. Our bee removal plans work step-by-step to avoid harming these helpful creatures. We even donate some relocated bees to local beekeepers to promote healthy communities!

Call our caring experts for safe, affordable bee removal and relocation services. We know all about bee issues! Let us humanely move the hive so everyone stays happy and healthy.

Contact us today for your free inspection. We’ll assess if removal is needed and explain our gentle relocation process that keeps people, pets, and plants safe from harm.

Call now on 02 8880 7966 for effective bee control treatments.

What are Bees?

Bees are insects that feed on flower nectar and pollen. In the pollination process, they accidentally fertilize plants by carrying pollen from bloom to bloom. There are over 20,000 bee species including honey bees, carpenters, bumble and more.

Most of them are not aggressive and only sting to defend their hive and queen if threatened. However, Africanized “killer bees” are more apt to attack. All become defensive around their nest, which often contain thousands of residents.

They naturally nest in protected spots like tree hollows, holes in the ground, abandoned structures or compost piles. Sometimes they may choose inconvenient or unsafe areas on properties and need to be removed.

Our technicians are experts at bee biology and behavior. We identify nests and use humane methods to extract the hive for relocation without harming bees or beneficial plants.

The Risks of Bees

While bees are not typically aggressive, their painful stings can pose health threats – especially to those allergic. Bee swarms guarding a large hive are more defensive. Bee stings also release pheromones that signal an attack and provoke mass stinging. Children who accidentally disturb a nest face the greatest danger.

Beyond the immediate pain of a sting, possible reactions include dangerous swelling, shortness of breath, plummeting blood pressure, nausea, allergic reactions, and dizziness. Quick anaphylactic shock can be fatal without urgent medical treatment.

Signs of Bee Infestation

  • Regular sightings of bees coming and going in the same outdoor area
  • A growing volume of buzzing noise in walls or attic
  • Small piles of wood dust on the ground
  • New holes bored into wood structures
  • Bees congregating at a cavity or crevice

How to Prevent Bees

  • Install screens on vents, chimneys, weep holes
  • Caulk cracks and crevices
  • Apply weather stripping around doors and windows
  • Keep overhanging branches trimmed back
  • Quickly treat wood damage
  • Remove food sources and stagnant water sources

What to Do if You Suspect Bee Activity

If you notice any signs of bees nearby, please call us immediately for an inspection. The sooner we can locate and remove the hive, the less risk to your family’s health and your home’s structure. Delaying bee removal services often makes the job bigger and pricier. After an assessment, we’ll move swiftly to organize relocation or extermination by licensed professionals. For the sake of both people and bees, prompt action is key.

Our Bee Control Services

  • Site inspection & hive localization
  • Live bee colony removal & relocation
  • Humane bee extermination (only when necessary)
  • Wax and honeycomb elimination
  • Preventative sealing of entry points
  • Post-clean up and damage repairs
  • Routine monitoring for new hive activity

Why Choose Us

  • 10+ years bee control experience
  • Commitment to ethical, humane practices
  • Cutting-edge equipment and techniques
  • One-on-one consultations
  • Free quotes & expert advice
  • Affordable prices
  • Detailed reports
  • 100% Customer satisfaction guaranteed

How to Prevent Bees

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We are proud to offer premier bee control across greater Sydney and surrounding areas:

  • Inner West Sydney
  • Eastern Suburbs
  • Northern Suburbs
  • North Shore
  • The Hills District
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  • Sutherland Shire
  • Inner City

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