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About 1 out of 3 homes in Sydney falls victim to white ants every year. As white ants feed off timber and wood, they can cause damage worth thousands of dollars. This is why you need to be careful and give your home the appropriate protection. At Eco Pest Control Sydney, we can offer the right protection against white ants.

How We Treat White Ants

When treating white ants, our pest controllers will do an initial inspection of the premises, using certain tools to determine whether you have an infestation or not.

If you do, then we will proceed to apply live treatment – therefore, killing the white ants. After that, we will set up a white ant barrier or a baiting system to monitor and prevent a future infestation.

Why Are White Ants Seen as a Pest?

White ants eat mostly timber, and they often create tunnels within wood structures. This doesn’t only include trees but houses as well. If your house is built mostly from timber, white ants can destroy a house, as the damage may be worth thousands of dollars.

What Should We Know About White Ants?

White ants are commonly known as “subterranean termites,” and they feed mostly on materials of cellulose origin (wood being their primary food source). They have an ant-like aspect but are slightly thicker and feature a white colour with a dark brown head.

White ants live in colonies, which is why our pest controllers from Eco Pest Control Sydney can help you eradicate the problem.

Common Signs of a White Ant Infestation

White ants are the “silent killers” of every home, and by the time you see the first one, the chances are that your house will already be very damaged. Once you see the first signs, our pest controllers at Eco Pest Control Sydney can help you manage the situation.

How Do You Know You Have a White Ant Problem?

Seeing the signs of a white ant attack may as well prevent your home from being entirely damaged. Here are some things to look out for:

  • Rotting or damaged timber
  • White ant droppings
  • Musty smell coming from the walls
  • “Clicking” sounds in the wall
  • Empty hollows in the wood
  • Hollow sound when you knock in the wood

Tips and Advice for Treating White Ants

Provided the right steps are taken on time, white ant attacks may be prevented. Here are a few tips:

  • Reduce Moisture

White ants are attracted to woody areas that are nice and humid. To prevent an infestation, reduce humidity by frequently ventilating the house or getting a dehumidifier.

  • Declutter

Clutter also makes a nice and cosy spot for termites to hide in, not to mention that it raises humidity. Remove the clutter to prevent the chances of an infestation.

  • Use Borate on Wood

Before painting the wood, use borate on it. White ants hate it, and once borate seeps into the wood, the termites will be less inclined to eat through the wood.

  • Put Infected Items under the Sun

If you have furniture that has been infected by subterranean termites, put it under the sun. Termites naturally hate sunlight and heat, so they will either die or be driven away.

  • Use Cayenne Pepper

A termite that comes into contact with cayenne pepper will have its nervous system destroyed. Sprinkling it in potentially problematic areas can help solve the problem.

  • Use Termite Baiting Systems

Termite baiting systems are 10 times tastier to termites than regular timber. This will draw termites away while alerting you that you have a problem.

  • Release Nematodes

Nematodes are natural predators of white ants. By releasing them in the soil, you may naturally get rid of the white ant problem.

  • Diatomaceous Earth

Made from fossilized algae, this will dehydrate white ants until they die. Place it in areas with high termite activity.

  • Spray with White Vinegar

White ants are naturally affected by white vinegar. Add some fresh lemon juice into the mix as well, for a better effect.

  • Use Salt

Salt may seem harmless to you, but like diatomaceous earth, it can dehydrate termites to death. Make a spray out of water and salt and sprinkle it over the termite exit points.


  1. How Much Does It Cost to Treat White Ants in Sydney?

Treating white ants in Sydney can cost between $250 and $3,500. This depends on whether you need a standard barrier or a full-scale white ant treatment.

  1. Do I Need to Prepare the Home for Treatment?

This depends on what treatment you are getting. If you are only getting a barrier or a baiting system, there won’t be a need for you to do anything. However, if you plan on treating the house, then you will have to move the furniture away from the walls and remove clutter.

  1. How Long Will It Take for the White Ant Colony to Be Eradicated?

Treatment takes effect immediately, but the pesticide used works on a “carrier” system that aims to reach the faraway white ants. So, while the main colony may be eradicated from the first live spraying, the other white ants may take up to a month to be removed.

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