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Termite Bait Options for Homeowners

Termite Baiting Systems Sydney
Termite baiting systems monitor the presence of termites on your property and stop the entire termite colony before they can reach your property. Using a mix of non-toxic and toxic bait product, these systems attract the termites to a spot farther away from your home, allowing you to eliminate the colony before it becomes a problem.

Termites are attracted to these baiting stations and traps, which contain paper, cardboard, or wood. This provides a feeding source for the termites. Once they begin feeding on the bait, they ingest chlorfluazuron (insect growth regulator). This stops them from molting properly. When others eat the shared food containing the regulator, it eventually spreads through the entire colony.

Termites pose serious risks and threats as they can rapidly destroy wood structures and compromise buildings if infestations are not detected and eliminated quickly.

At Eco Pest Control Sydney, we conduct termite detection and help install termite baiting systems to monitor pest activity in your home.

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Termite Baiting System Brands

At Eco Pest Control Sydney, we use several monitoring stations for termite activity and remove a pest infestation entirely. These are:

  1. Sentricon

Sentricon was designed to kill subterranean termites, providing AlwaysActive technology that will keep them away in the long run. These systems are installed by Certified Sentricon Specialists. At Eco Pest Control Sydney, we are certified to install such termite monitoring system around the house, monitoring for pest activity throughout the year.

Sentricon® | The No. 1 Bait System for Termite Control

The type of bait used will be determined by whether you are planning to eliminate a current infestation or wish to prevent one in the future. Sentricon bait is more attractive to termites as compared to regular wood. The active ingredient within the toxic bait is noviflumuron, which will prevent the termite from moulting. If the termites are unable to moult, they will die. All infected termites will share the fate, including the termite queen.

  1. Trelona

Trelona baiting systems are also used to monitor termite activity and provide active protection. The baiting system works similarly to Sentricon, the difference being in the active agent of the bait. Trelona is also installed in the ground, close to the home but at a safe enough distance.

Trelona® Termite Bait System (ATBS)

Trelona uses Novaluron as an active ingredient, which can offer continuous protection for at least 12 months. Novaluron is a growth inhibitor that attaches itself to the termite, preventing them from moulting. Since they cannot moult, they will not be able to replace their exoskeleton – and therefore, will die. Our pest controllers can aid you with the installation of a Trelona bait.

  1. Exterra

Exterra offers termite protection while using baits that are not toxic to humans or the environment. It is often the option for those looking for environmentally friendly baits. Exterra advertises that their baits are “less toxic than table salt.”

EXTERRA Termite Bait Stations

Exterra baiting systems use a patented technology called FOCUS Termite Attractant™, which will stop termites in their tracks and attract them to the bait rather than your house. Once termite activity is confirmed, the bait is switched to REQUIEM®, a substance that will inhibit the growth of termites. AWe can arrange to have an Exterra baiting system installed, should you ask for one.

How Termite Baiting Systems Work

Termite baiting systems work by monitoring active termites on the ground. They are installed away from your house, typically in the yard, attracting the termites to the bait you place there. Therefore, instead of advancing towards your house, they will feed on the bait and take it to the colony. It is designed to be completely safe for families, children, pets, and the environment.

In the first stage, a baiting system usually uses cartridges with non-toxic cellulose material. This has the purpose of simply monitoring termite activity. The baits are checked every few months, to see whether termites have fed from them or not. It is better to leave on the non-toxic bait until more termites find out about it. This way, it will make it easier to kill a larger part of the colony much faster.

In the second stage, once termite activity has been confirmed, the non-toxic cellulose material is replaced with one that was laced with termiticide. Once they return, they will feed on the toxic bait and bring it back to their colony. Each infested termite will pass the chemical onto other termites, eventually killing the nest.

Bear in mind that for the termite management system to work, they also need to be placed in the right areas. They should be positioned close to the home – but not too close. Otherwise, your attempts to repel the te rmites may fail. If they do not find the bait, they will move on to the next best thing in their path: your home. Our pest control technicians can help you find the best locations for the bait.

Termites Nest Sydney

Facts About Termites in Sydney

  • Sydney has 12 damaging termite species, mostly German cockroaches
  • Colonies contain many workers that cause severe damage, costing over $100 million annually
  • Regular inspections allow detection and elimination of colonies before major structural damage occurs
  • Termites can be distinguished from ants by their straight antennae and thick waists
  • Baiting methods and traps effectively eliminate colonies without harmful pesticides
  • Australia has a wide variety of pests like cockroaches, bed bugs, wasps, and other troublesome insects that require different control methods.


Can You Refill Termite Baiting Systems Yourself?

It is possible to refill the termite baiting systems yourself, the overall process being quite easy. However, you need to be very careful when you are doing so – especially when you are dealing with toxic bait. To prevent any issues, our pest control technicians can help refill your termite baiting systems whenever it is necessary.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Termite Baiting Systems?

In Sydney, it costs an average of $2500-$3500 to have a termite baiting system installed. This will include the initial installation, along with the yearly monitoring fee. The cost of the initial installation often depends on the brand that is used.

Are There Any Ongoing Fees for Termite Baiting Systems?

Termite baiting systems have a yearly service fee that often costs between $800 and $900. This will mostly depend on the company that provides maintenance services, as well as the bait system brand.

What if I’m unsure whether to choose termite baiting or chemical spraying?

Our team can assess your unique situation and needs to help determine if termite baiting is the right approach for you. We advise customers on the most effective and affordable option customized to their home and circumstances.

How soon can I expect to see results?

Many customers see a major reduction in termite activity within 3 months. However, completely eliminating a termite colony often takes around 9-12 months. We monitor the baits regularly and can update you on the results and progress.

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