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Rodents damage many of the homes and even commercial property in Sydney, Australia, but the main problem is that the damage they lay is not covered by home insurance. Because of this, you need to learn how to protect your house and create all the necessary barriers against these pests.

At Eco Pest Control Sydney, we have the necessary treatment plan against mice infestations.

How We Treat Rodents

When we treat rodents, our specialists will first inspect the house in order to find the infestation. We will use a variety of tools, such as motion detectors or torches. Once the infestation has been confirmed, we will apply rat poison so that we kill the rodents.

Our pest controllers use multiple methods including a thorough site assessment, strategic baiting and poisoning, trapping, and sealing up entry points.

With the rat problem eliminated, we will take the necessary preventive measures to ensure they will not be returning to your home.

Why Rodents Are Considered a Pest?

Rodents are considered pests because they are carriers of diseases like plague that can be harmful to human health. Rats have the potential of carrying more than 35 viruses and bacteria, including Salmonella, Hantavirus, Leptospirosis, rat-bite fever, and other blood-borne diseases.

They also create holes in the walls, dropping over your supplies and chew paper, drawers, even the electrical wiring, leaving great damage behind. They bring nuisance, damage homes where families live, and cost a significant amount of money in repairs and medical bills.

Common Species in Sydney

There are many rodent species in Sydney, Australia, the most common including:

  • Black Rat: Despite its name, the black rat is brown and spends most of its time on roofs.
  • Brown Rat: Often residing in urban areas, it has a scaly tail and is grey-brown.
  • Norway Rat: Spending most of its time in sewers, it is very common in urban areas.
  • House Mouse: It’s small but likes to chew on electrical wires. Spends most of its time in the attic.

Common Signs of a Rodent Infestation

Due to the animals’ size, it’s often very easy to spot a rat infestation. They are very messy, not to mention noisy. Since they have the potential to lay great damage, you might want to contact a pest controller to address the problem. At Eco Pest Control Sydney, we can help you get rid of rats and mice.

How Do You Know You Have a Rodent Problem?

One rodent is usually not a big problem if it’s caught on time. It becomes a problem when you notice the following signs:

  • Sightings of rodents droppings, gnaw marks, burrows, nests, strange odors
  • Contamination of food supplies
  • Constant scratching and scuttling in the walls
  • Flickering lights and chewed electrical wires
  • Property damage on furniture and wood structures

High risk places and breeding ground for infestations include multi-unit housing like apartments, strata, or office buildings, especially older structures where roof and wall access points may be vulnerable.

Treatment Tips and Advice for Rodents

Preventing a rodent infestation from getting bigger is typically the best way to keep your home safe from damage. Here are some tips to consider:

  1. Seal the Entry Points: Rats will typically use holes and cracks from your home or roof to get inside. Use caulk to seal their entry points and keep your house free of rodents.
  2. Keep the Trash Under Lid: Rodents are trash divers, so if they constantly find leftovers in your trash, they will return. Keep a lid on the trash to reduce temptation.
  3. Get a Cat: Rodents are naturally afraid of cats, so even if the cat doesn’t do anything to hurt them, the rodents will stay away. They will catch the cat’s scent and keep their distance.
  4. Remove Clutter from Home: Clutter gives rodents multiple opportunities to hide. Clean the clutter to reduce their chances of coming inside your home.
  5. Clean Underneath the Trees: If you have trees that bear fruit, you should make sure the underneath is clean. Rodents may be attracted to the fallen fruit.
  6. Trim the Yard: Rodents often hide in the shade of overgrown bushes and shrubs. Trim them frequently to make them less appealing to rodents.
  7. Keep a Lid on Stored Food: If you have food packaging in storage, such as grains or pet food, you may want to keep them in a lidded container. Metallic containers are usually the best.
  8. Use Mouse Traps: The classic mouse traps can help you get rid of mice by baiting and killing them. You can also get traps that capture the mouse instead, allowing you to release them in the wild.
  9. Plant Mint: Rats hate the strong scent of mint. You can either plant mint in your garden or place pots around the potential entry points.
  10. Call Pest Control: If every other method is unsuccessful, you should consider calling a pest controller. They will know how to drive the rats away in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How Much Does Rodent Control Cost in Sydney?

The cost of rodent control starts at around $120, going as high as $500. The final price will often depend on the type of rodent, as well as the size of the infestation.

  1. Should I Stay Out of the House During the Treatment?

Typically, there is no need for you to exit the house, as long as you stay away from the treated area until the treatment dries. This can be anything from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

  1. Will My Pets Be In serious Health Risks?

Most rat poisons will cause no more than a slight stomach ache to your pet. Talk to the pest controller if you have a pet, as they will choose a treatment with the lowest risk.

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