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Wasp Control Sydney

Do you have a wasp problem around your Sydney home? Wasp nests can be dangerous if not properly removed. Getting stung is painful and they aggressively defend their nest if disturbed. Some people can have a severe allergic reaction to multiple stings.

We specialize in safe, effective wasp control in Sydney. We use products that kill them on contact and destroy nests. Treatment is done at night when they are less active. Our licensed technicians wear protective gear to safely remove nests.

Wasp stings are more than just a painful nuisance. They can pose safety risks for children and those allergic to stings. They aggressively defend nests and can attack in swarms of hundreds. Also, nests often occur in hidden areas like wall voids where people may accidentally disturb them. Stopping infestations early prevents exponentially growing populations over summer. Ridding your home of nests protects your family’s health and prevents them from damaging property.

We safely eliminate wasp threats around Sydney homes. Contact us today for affordable wasp treatment services.

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What are Wasps?

Wasps are insects with two sets of transparent wings and elongated, slender bodies with bright yellow, black, white or brown coloring. They have six legs and antennae on their heads.

There are over 10,000 wasp species in Australia. Only female wasps can sting, using a stinger attached to their abdomen. They can sting multiple times without harm to themselves.

Wasps live in colonies with a queen, workers and males. Nests are constructed from wood pulp or mud to house developing larvae and store food. Nests can be found in trees, underground or attached to buildings.

These dangerous stingers feed on nectar, fruit and other insects they hunt. They are attracted to human sweet foods and drinks left outdoors. Disturbing a nest puts you at risk of multiple stings, so it’s important to get professional removal.

List Of Australian Wasps

Australia is home to thousands of species of wasps, adapted to the varied environments across the country. Some of the most common wasps found around homes and gardens include:

  • European Wasp – Very aggressive, bright yellow and black bands
  • Common Paper Wasp – Reddish-brown with long legs
  • Australian Paper – Red and black colors
  • Potter Wasp – Shiny blue-black color
  • Yellow Potter – Yellow and black striped abdomen
  • Australian Yellowjacket – Black and pale yellow bands
  • Digger Wasp – Varied species, solitary nesters
  • Mud-dauber – Black and yellow, mud nest builders
  • Spider Wasp – Long reddish-orange legs, prey on spiders
  • Cicada Killer Wasp – Very large solitary wasps
  • Sand Wasp – Females build nests in sandy banks
  • Parasitoid – Tiny wasps that parasitize other pests

The Risks of Wasps

  • Painful stings that can happen over and over
  • Potential to cause an allergic reaction or even death for those severely allergic
  • They build nests close to homes and pets
  • Large nests contain thousands of wasps that can attack

Signs of Infestation

Seeing wasps flying nearby your home is one of the most common signs that a nest is located on the property. Visible nests are another clear indicator. These often look like gray, papery material attached under eaves or a honeycomb style ball hanging in trees or under structures.

Additional signs are holes in wood materials where wasps chew to gather fibers for nest building. You may also notice other damage to outdoor structures caused by the wasps. Another giveaway sign is buzzing sounds coming from a certain area, as the wings of multiple gathered wasps create audible noise.

How to Control

  1. Call a professional company to safely remove nests
  2. Use residual sprays in problem areas
  3. Seal cracks and holes where they can enter
  4. Install screens on windows/vents
  5. Keep yard clean and trimmed back

What to Do if You Have a Problem

If you spot signs of wasp infestation, give us a call. We can send out a technician to evaluate and give a quote on wasp nest removal. The sooner its treated, the better!

Our Wasp Control Services

  • Inspection to locate nests
  • Tailored treatment plan for property
  • Power spraying nests with approved insecticides
  • Safe removal process and disposal of nest debris
  • Preventative care to discourage future nesting
  • Clear communication throughout

Why Choose Us

  • 10+ years experience
  • Fast response time
  • Highly trained technicians
  • Latest control methods and products
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Focus on environmentally safe solutions
  • Detailed reports provided
  • 100% Customer satisfaction guaranteed

How to Control Wasps

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