Termite Barriers Sydney

Chemical Termite Barrier with an 8 Year Warranty

Termite Barrier Sydney

Termites have the potential of infesting one in five homes in Australia, which means there is a 20% chance of your house being infested as well. The rate is even higher in New South Wales, where one in three homes without protection is likely to be affected by termites.

This is why termite barriers are essential for every home, as they prevent pests from entering your home. At Eco Pest Control Sydney, our professional pest controllers can help you install a termite barrier, protecting your home all year round.

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Termite Facts

  1. They are attracted to warm and humid areas. This makes Sydney a favourable place for an infestation.
  2. Left unattended, termite colonies can grow very big. The biggest colony ever recorded had more than 3 million termites.
  3. They inflict damage that goes well over $1.5 billion every year for homeowners in Australia.
  4. Provided it has good living conditions and a habitat where it can thrive, a termite can live for as long as 50 years.
  5. They do not only consume food. They are fans of cellulose, which means they can eat through plastic, paper, fibre, and drywall as well

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Pre-Construction Termite Protection

Physical termite barriers may be installed in this stage. This will prevent new homes from being invaded by termites. Some effective long-term options include:

  • Termseal – A flexible polymer-based substance that forms a termite-resistant membrane upon curing. The coating is applied to the timber and coating, repelling and killing termites.
  • Greenmesh – Used together with other termite-repellent physical barriers, greenmesh can also help keep termites at a distance. We can install high-quality and extremely durable stainless-steel mesh barriers to prevent any future infestation.
  • Termite Collars – Home water pipes can attract termites due to their humidity levels. Termite collars are installed around the penetration pipes, preventing the pests from entering the building.

Post-Construction Termite Protection

Existing homes that may not have this pre-installed may benefit from post-construction barriers. This includes chemical termite barriers and termite baiting systems.

Post-construction termite protection is not installed onto the foundation of the house, which means that it may not be long-lasting. A termite barrier often needs to be reapplied once a year, to ensure maximum protection.

1. Termite Barriers

This involve applying a chemical to the soil. At Eco Pest Control Sydney, we use the following types of termite management systems:

  • Liquid chemical treatment: It is applied to the soil around the house, preventing the termites from going past it.
  • Termite monitoring and baiting systems: They are applied in different locations away from the house, “baiting” the termites and poisoning the colony before it manages to invade.

At Eco Pest Control Sydney, our experts use Termidor for our termite barriers. The chemical is undetectable to termites, but it is deadly to them. Once the termite comes into contact with Termidor, it will bring it back to the colony, killing every pest that comes into contact with it.

When installing termite protection, we follow all installation guidelines that keep your home safe from termites:

  • Australian Standards AS 3660.2-2000
  • National Construction Code / Building Code of Australia
  • Pesticide Product Label – Termiticide Labelling
  • Termite Physical Barrier System Manufacturers
  • Chemical Barrier Manufacturing Companies

At Eco Pest Control Sydney, we may help you install a termite barrier around your home. We may also reapply whenever the chemical begins to fade, keeping the pest from coming back to your house.

Chemical Termite Barrier Treatment

2. Termite Baiting Systems

Termite baiting systems work by attracting the termites to a “bait,” preventing them from advancing to your home. Once they find it, the termites will return to the colony with the cellulose.

It may feature two types of bait: non-toxic cellulose material that aims to monitor termite activity, or toxic cellulose that aims to kill the termite.

In most circumstances, non-toxic baits are used in the first stage, to confirm the presence of the pest, whereas toxic baits are put in place once the presence is confirmed. The termiticide laced with the cellulose will be taken to the colony, killing every termite that comes into contact with it.

At Eco Pest Control Sydney, we make use of multiple options, including Trelona, Sentricon, and Exterra. They may be installed below and above ground and will control pest activity, preventing the colony from reaching your home.

Identification and Signs

Termite infestation often goes unnoticed until significant damage. Signs include:

  • Mud tubes on foundations, ant caps, and damaged/hollowed wood
  • Termites feed on cellulose – risk to wood structures, floors, furniture
  • Concrete foundations vulnerable through cracks
  • Moisture accumulation increases risk – eliminate near structures

Assessing Your Home

Different types of landscaping can make a big difference when assessing the final cost of termite protection. For example, additions such as pavers, concrete paths, and tiles can add to the efforts of installing a termite barrier, which might increase the price.

For instance, clay soil has lower absorbency levels, which means that the water-to-termiticide ratio should be decreased. To maintain the efficiency of the protection, more chemicals must be applied. This can increase the final cost of installation.

The size of your home will also be taken into account during the assessment for a termite barrier. Split-level homes require extra protection, as the perimeter may not be in close contact with the soil.

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  1. How Much Do Chemical Barriers Cost?

On average, chemical barriers cost between $1500 and $3000, depending on the size of your home. These types of barriers are around $40-$50 per linear metre, so you will get the final price once the pest controller assesses the property.

  1. How Long Does It Take to Install a Termite Barrier?

It may depend on the size of the property and the type of soil. With two pest control technicians on site, it may take 7-8 hours.

  1. How Often Should I Re-Apply My Chemical Barrier?

This depends on the system you use. If you apply Termidor through a reticulation system, it may last as much as 8 years – although replacement is recommended sooner. If you use termite baits for the pest problem, we recommend you check every few months.

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