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Effective Bird Control Service

Bird Control Sydney

Birds can cause big problems when they decide to make a home where they don’t belong. Their nests and poop can spread disease and damage buildings. Getting rid of them can be tricky once they move in. That’s why it’s important to call the pros for help as soon as you see birds moving in where they shouldn’t.

Ourteam has over 10 years of experience getting rid of pesky birds humanely and effectively. We use techniques like nets, spikes, gels and more to make your property unattractive to birds so they don’t cause issues. We can also remove current problems by sealing up holes they use to get inside, removing nests, installing deterrents, and other proven methods. Our technicians are fully licensed and trained to provide safe, ethical bird control solutions.

Birds and their leavings can spread over 60 diseases through the air and their droppings. Their acidic poop can also eat away at buildings, clog gutters, create gross messes, and even cause liability issues if someone slips and falls.

Don’t wait until you have a big bird problem – it will only get worse and be harder to fix. Call us as soon as you spot birds moving in so we can gently keep them from turning into a nightmare for your home or business. We serve all areas of Sydney with effective, affordable bird control and removal services.

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Our Services

At Eco Pest Control Sydney, we specialise in bird removal and humane relocation services. Our licensed technicians can safely extract bird populations that have nested inside homes and buildings and relocate them away from populated areas. We also offer proofing services after removal to prevent them from re-entering the structure. This includes sealing potential entry points and installing deterrents like netting, spikes, gels, and more. No matter what type of bird you are dealing with, we have the experience to remove them humanely and effectively.

Common Bird Species in Sydney

Some of the most common pest birds we deal with in this region include:

  • Pigeons
  • Australian Magpies
  • Noisy Miners
  • Indian Mynas
  • Common Starlings
  • House Sparrows

However we have experience with all types of native birds, feral and exotic species as well. Our technicians can identify the species on your property and create a tailored removal plan no matter what type of bird is causing problems.

The Risks of Birds

They pose a variety of safety and health risks to humans including:

  • Over 60 transmittable diseases in their droppings
  • Ectoparasites like bird mites infestations
  • Nesting materials blocking gutters and drains
  • Slip and fall hazards from pigeon droppings
  • Corrosion damage to structures from acidic feces

Signs of Infestation

Some signs your property may require bird removal services include:

  • Evidence of nests being built
  • Bird droppings accumulating
  • Odd sounds coming from vents or chimneys
  • Birds gathering or roosting on the roof, entryways, or sides of the building

How to Control

To help keep birds away for good after removal, we recommend humane deterrents such as:

  • Install spikes/nets
  • Use harmless gels and repellants
  • Seal entry holes
  • Remove food sources
  • Keep gutters clean
  • Use fake predator sounds
  • Ultrasonic bird deterrents

Regular maintenance checks also helps ensure nests have not been rebuilt and entry points remain sealed.

What to Do Next

If you suspect a bird infestation on your property, call our team today at 02 8880 7966 to schedule an inspection and quote for our professional bird control service. The sooner we can remove nests and nuisance birds, the better!

Our Bird Control Services

  • Bird netting installation
  • Bird spike installation
  • Live trapping and removal
  • Bird repellent gel application
  • Slope installation
  • Nest removal and exclusion services
  • Bird-proofing buildings
  • Humane bird deterrents
  • Gutter and roof cleaning

Why Choose Us

  • 10+ years experience
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Using humane methods
  • Offering complete solutions
  • Knowledgeable and honest technicians
  • Affordable cost
  • Fast response times
  • 100% Customer satisfaction guarantee

The Risks of Birds

Our Locations

We proudly service residential and commercial properties of Sydney including:

  • Sydney CBD
  • Eastern Suburbs
  • Inner West
  • North Shore
  • Northern Beaches
  • Northwest Sydney
  • South Sydney
  • Southwest Sydney
  • Western Sydney

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