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It takes just one cockroach to trigger a full infestation. Cockroaches lay around one egg per day, especially after a meal, which means that an infestation may appear very fast. It’s important to prevent a cockroach infestation right away before they have a chance to multiply. At Eco Pest Control Sydney, we can help keep your cockroach problem under control.

How We Treat Cockroaches

We treat cockroaches by installing the right cockroach baiting systems and applying cockroach-killing spray treatments. The poison used to kill cockroaches will either prevent them from shedding or kill them instantly. The carrier cockroaches will bring the poison to the nest, and this will eliminate all the cockroaches within a matter of days.

Why Cockroaches Are Considered a Pest

Cockroaches are considered a pest because they damage your property and carry disease into your home. They disgorge part of the food that they eat and leave faeces all over the house – especially over your food. They carry germs and bacteria in their bodies and on their legs, which they leave on your food.

Common Species of Cockroaches in Sydney

Sydney has its fair share of cockroaches that are present throughout Australia. Here are the most common you will come across:

  • Brown-banded cockroach: They are pale brown and like to scurry through dry places. They have wings, so can fly if they feel threatened.
  • American cockroach: Very common, they have a red-brown colour, with a yellow band behind their neck.
  • German cockroach: Light brown or beige, featuring two dark stripes behind the neck.
  • Native Australian Cockroach: A cockroach native to Australia. It’s black with yellow margins and trips.

Common Signs of a Cockroach Infestation

Cockroaches are typically only active at night, so it can be very easy to miss the signs of an infestation. Usually, if you find yourself killing cockroaches frequently, there is a very good chance you are dealing with an infestation.

How to Know You Have a Cockroach Problem

When you are constantly stepping over cockroaches, there is a good chance that you have a cockroach problem. Here are the signs that you should look for:

  • More than five different sightings of cockroaches
  • Droppings or streaks/smear marks
  • Cockroach eggs
  • A foul or unusual smell in the home
  • Shed cockroach skin
  • Damage to the property

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Treatment Tips and Advice for Cockroaches

Prevention and the initial response are very often the best ways to stop a cockroach invasion from happening in the first place. Here are a few tips:

  1. Keep It Clean: Cockroaches prefer dirty places, particularly if they have clutter under which they can hide. Keep the place clean to prevent an infestation.
  2. Inspect Everything Brought Inside: Cockroaches can hide in items you keep outside in storage. If you decide to bring them inside, check them for cockroaches first.
  3. Use Pest Monitors: A pest monitor can very often show you the first stages of a cockroach infestation. This will help you put a stop to it from the very start.
  4. Seal Their Entrances: Cockroaches often get inside through cracks or crevices. Seal any potential entrances that they may use to prevent an invasion.
  5. Focus on Your Kitchen: Cockroaches often invade the kitchen, because they are more likely to find food crumbs there. Keep the kitchen clean to prevent activity.
  6. Plug Your Drains: Very often, the cockroaches will enter your home by climbing up the drains. Keep them plugged to prevent their entry.
  7. Keep Leftovers Under Lid: Cockroaches like raiding your pantry and scurrying over leftover food. Store the food in containers, sealing them with lids.
  8. Limit Your Eating Spots: The more rooms you eat in, the higher the chances there will be for crumbs. Limit your eating to the kitchen to prevent an infestation.
  9. Vacuum Frequently: Cockroaches are attracted to the leftovers and crumbs that fall on the floor. Vacuum frequently to eliminate their food supply.
  10. Know When to Call the Pros: When you have a recurring cockroach infestation, you should periodically call the pros. They will know what preventive pest control to apply in order to keep the cockroaches away.


  1. Can Cockroaches Come Back After Pest Control?

Yes, cockroaches can come back after pest control, especially after the treatment fades. This is why you need to apply it regularly, to prevent them from coming back.

  1. How Often Should I Apply Cockroach Control?

Chemical treatment for cockroaches usually begins to fade after 6 months. At that point, you may want to reapply the treatment.

  1. How Long Will It Take for the Cockroaches to Disappear?

After cockroach treatment, you may see a significant reduction in sighting in the next 24 hours. After 2-3 days, you may expect the treatment to have reached every cockroach from the nest, eliminating them.

Cockroach Control Prices

A professional cockroach pest control service costs anywhere between $180 and $440.

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