How To Prevent Pests In Your Home

Keep Those Pesky Pests Out for Good!

How To Prevent Pests In Your Home

When it comes to dealing with common household pests, it’s always better to avoid problems in the first place. As the saying goes: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Taking some simple preventative measures can help keep your Australian home pest-free and avoid major headaches later.

This handy guide covers key tips for maintaining a home environment that discourages pests from ever taking up residence.

1. Keep Your Kitchen Spotless

As one of the top areas pests congregate, keeping your kitchen clean should be a top priority. Creepy crawlies sniff out food particles, waste, crumbs and other delicious morsels in kitchens. Likewise, they need water sources which kitchens often provide via leaky appliances, sinks, and garbage disposals.

Follow this checklist to make your kitchen less inviting:

  • Wipe kitchen counters and tables every evening to remove residue
  • Store all dry goods like flour, sugar and cereals in airtight containers
  • Clean up spills and crumbs right away
  • Don’t leave dirty dishes out overnight
  • Take out the trash daily
  • Fix any leaks under appliances like refrigerators

2. Establish Strict Bathroom Cleaning Routines

Bathrooms offer a water supply that attracts unwanted pests looking to quench their thirst. Areas like the toilet and drainage also can provide nutrients for critters. Get in better pest prevention habits with these tips:

  • Use a disinfectant cleaner weekly on all bathroom surfaces
  • Check under sink pipes for condensation or leaks
  • Ensure bathroom trash cans have tight-fitting lids
  • Never dispose of food waste items in bathroom trash cans
  • Use drain cleaners monthly to clear clogs and keep it flowing freely

3. Guard Against Pests Coming In From Outside

Pests don’t just originate inside our houses – outdoor space pose risks as well. Before carrying items from the backyard or your travels into your entire house, take some basic precautions:

  • Carefully inspect wood piles, firewood, potted plants and mulch before storing indoors
  • Wash all luggage and clothing after returning from a trip
  • Check wrapped packages and shipping boxes for signs of pests before opening
  • Seal cracks, keep basement entrance, garage entryways, and openings tightly screened

4. Eliminate Standing Water in Your Yard

Mosquitoes and other bugs need water to thrive. Eliminate stagnant water in your yard with these mosquito prevention measures:

  • Clear out flower pot saucers and trays under plants weekly
  • Fix leaky outdoor faucets and irrigation lines
  • Level any low areas in your yard that collect rainwater
  • Clean rain gutters so it flows freely and doesn’t pool
  • Frequently replace liquid for bird baths and pet dishes

5. Install Secure Screens

Though you may enjoy having your windows open, make sure your screens are in place and in good working order. Screens form a barrier to keep crawling and flying insects outside your property.

  • Have tight-fitting screens installed on all portals
  • Check existing screens for holes monthly
  • Replace any screens in poor condition
  • Consider adding screen doors to entrances for extra protection

By putting some diligent prevention habits and home maintenance practices into action, you can safeguard your place against variety of pest infestations. Focus on eliminating food sources, leaks, and entry points. Then you can relax and enjoy your house knowing those annoying pests will stay out!

Keep Those Pesky Pests Out for Good!

Pro Tip:

Pet food, if left out overnight, serves as an easy source of food and breeding ground for unwanted guests. One of the tricks on pest control, store dry meals in sealed containers rather than the original bag and pick up drinking bowls before bedtime. Also, periodically check the outdoor air conditioning unit system and clear away any debris that could provide nesting spots for mice, termites, spiders, fruit flies, and other critters seeking shelter.