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Fleas can spread through a home very fast, as they require only one meal from your pet in order to lay eggs. This is why you need to control the problem as soon as you see the first flea. At Eco Pest Control Sydney, we have the knowledge and experience to help you get rid of this pest.

How We Treat Fleas

At Eco Pest Control Sydney, we will first inspect the house, looking for flea hot spots. We will apply flea control treatment, which aims to kill not only the fleas but also their eggs and larvae.

If eggs and larvae are present, multiple layers of treatment can be used in order to get past their tough shell. Once present fleas have been removed, we will create a flea barrier around your home, which will discourage the fleas from coming inside.

Why Are Fleas Considered a Pest?

Fleas feed off the blood, so not only are they an annoyance, but they can also be a health hazard. Fleas rarely bite humans, as your pets will likely be their first target – although, given the opportunity, they might not say no to a bite.

The bite of a flea can be very itchy and can cause serious discomfort to your pet. They are blood parasites, which also means they have the potential for carrying blood-borne diseases.

Common Flea Species in Sydney

In general, fleas have a brown colour (going for red after they feed) and they can jump very high. They are also very small, which makes it hard for you to see them unless you are particularly looking for them. The most common fleas you will see in Sydney are the following:

  • Dog Flea: The most common type of flea – it measures 4mm and can go as high as 6 inches when it jumps.
  • Cat Flea: It’s brown, it has 3mm in length, and typically prefers feeding off cats.
  • Bird Fleas: Not as common but may still show. They have around 1/32” and typically prefer to stay on birds such as chickens.

Common Signs of a Flea Infestation

Flea infestations typically get worse once the flea takes a meal. While they may lay only a few eggs per meal, they also have the potential of raising a big infestation, provided that they have where to feed on.

The chances are that if you see one flea in your home, you will likely see more of them. At Eco Pest Control Sydney, we can help you put a flea infestation under control.

How Do You Know You Have a Flea Problem?

You know you have a flea problem when you see one flea in your home. However, the problem becomes even clearer once you see the following signs:

  • Your pet seems to be scratching continuously
  • There are blood stains on your pet’s bedding
  • You keep seeing fleas around your home
  • You found flea eggs in your furniture or carpet
  • Your pet seems to be restless all the time

Treatment Tips and Advice for Fleas

Usually, the best way to keep fleas under control is to treat the matter beforehand. Here are some tips that can help you keep fleas away:

  1. Vacuum Frequently: Fleas typically lay eggs in the carpet or on your furniture, which will turn into larvae in just a couple of days. To prevent a flea infestation, you might want to vacuum every few days, setting your vacuum at high power and dislodge the fleas along with their eggs.
  2. Use a Steam Cleaner: Fleas cannot survive high temperatures. So, by regularly cleaning your rug, your furniture, and your pet’s bedding with a steam cleaner, you will be able to keep the fleas away.
  3. Wash the Bedding: Whether it’s your bedding or your pet’s bedding, you may want to wash it frequently. Use high-temperature cycles to kill the fleas.
  4. Wash the Pet with Flea Shampoo: Flea shampoo is very efficient at freeing your pet of these parasites. You might want to give them a couple of washes regularly to clear them of fleas.
  5. Sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth: Diatomaceous earth sticks to the exoskeleton of the flea. This will dehydrate the pest until it eventually dies.
  6. Get a Flea Collar: Flea collars have a smell that fleas hate, preventing them from hitchhiking your pet in the first place. You’ll need to replace them every 6 months.
  7. Mow Your Lawn: Fleas like tall grass, as it makes it very easy for them to jump on your pet. Keep it mowed so that the fleas find it less cosy.
  8. Use Cedar Chips: The scent of cedar is strong enough to repel a variety of pests, including fleas. Spread these chips in places where your pet usually hangs.
  9. Make a Lemon Spray: Citrus can help keep fleas away as well. Make a spray out of lemon and water, and spray it around the furniture.
  10. Call Pest Control: When everything else fails, you might want to consider calling a pest controller. They will get rid of the pest, and they will also place a barrier around your home to prevent future infestation.


  1. How Long Will Flea Control Take?

This will often depend on the size of the infestation, but it can take anything from 2-3 days to a month for fleas to be gone.

  1. Will My Pet’s Health Be Compromised?

Typically, flea treatment is made from ingredients that are not toxic for pets. You may still want to discuss matters with the pest controller.

  1. Can Fleas Live Inside Without My Pet?

If you take your pet out of the house, fleas may last up to 8 days. During that time, they will either die or leave your home looking for another host.

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